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High Styrene Rubber (HSR)

High Styrene Rubber (HSR) in Rubbertradeasia

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HSR 1904 - Russian

High styrene rubber is a copolymer of butadiene and styrene. It is white solid granule with no odor and combustible. High styrene rubber has excellent thermo plasticity and electrical insulating properties. It is used as a filling reinforcing agent to improve the hardness, aging-resistance, wear-resistance, tear strength and tensile strength of rubbers. High styrene rubber is suitable for manufacturing high hardness and low density products, such as shoes, belts, rubber floor tile, tire, rubber roll, and rubber

High styrene rubber is produced from the co-polymerization of styrene and butadiene latex.

1. Shoes Industry: 
High styrene rubber is mainly used in the footwear industry. It is used for hard soles, heels and imitation leather shoes. 
2. Sports Industry: 
In the sports industry, high styrene rubber is used as materials for roller skates and balls.
3. Electrical Industry: 
High styrene rubber is also used as electrical insulating material due to its electrical insulating properties.

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