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Rubbertradeasia Overview

Rubbertradeasia is Tradeasia International’s rubber raw material marketplace. Our platform provides a wide range of raw materials for the rubber industry across the world. Our goal is to link customers anywhere in the world with top rubber raw material producers for a seamless and secure trade to fulfill our customers' needs.

To be a reliable and trustworthy partner in the global supply chain of rubber raw material, we strive to provide an eligible marketplace to ensure high-quality rubber raw material and services through effective supply chain solutions while providing profitable and sustainable growth to all our customers. We value trust, integrity, commitment, and partnership through an effective solution-oriented management system.

Tradeasia Internasional

Tradeasia is a fast growing global supply chain and distribution company of raw materials. We established our heritage from one of the world’s welknown business hub, Singapore which then became our global headquarter since 2004. From this then, we started our expansion to other countries and now, for just about 16years, we have covered many part of Asia.,

We now operates a global network of 9 countries as our trading hubs. Our agressiveness and calculated-risk taking have made us what we are now.

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