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Natural rubber is made from rubber which generated from the rubber tree (Hevea brasillinsis). The latex from the tree is gathered from a diagonal incision in the tree trunk as it grows. The tapping method does not kill the tree, and the incision heals on its own. Meanwhile, Synthetic rubber is a type of man-made rubber created from petrochemicals and other chemicals. The primary basic source used to make synthetic rubber is crude oil.

The rubber tree's protecting fluid is known as latex. It's found in the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree's tissue beneath the bark. Latex is a hazy white liquid that resembles cow's milk.

Yes. Rubber products created from natural rubber latex are used for medical treatment and examination, and they are usually processed in a separate production line procedure to decrease the product's extractable protein content. When compared to natural rubber latex products, solid natural rubber goods generally have a relatively low quantity of extractable protein. This is due to the several washing procedures that latex must through before it can become solid (dry) rubber. As a result, rubber goods composed of solid (dry) natural rubber seldom produce allergic reactions, especially when contact with the human body is nearly zero.

The following are some of the advantages of synthetic rubber over natural rubber : 

1. Better aging and weathering

2. More resistance to oil

3. Resistance to solvents, oxygen, ozone, and certain chemicals

4. Resilience over a wider temperature range

Rubber has a variety of specific qualities that make it ideal for making rubber products that are widely utilized in a variety of industrial applications. Rubber is a water-repellent material. It can withstand alkalies as well as weak acids. Elasticity, toughness, impermeability, adhesiveness, and electrical resistance are all characteristics of rubber. Rubber is useful as an adhesive, a coating composition, a fiber, a molding compound, and an electrical insulator because of these qualities.

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