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Technical Specified Rubber (TSR)

Technical Specified Rubber (TSR)  in Rubbertradeasia

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Technically Specified Rubber, also known as TSR, is block rubber made by crashing, cleaning and drying solid rubber. TSR grade rubbers are classified according to their source (field latex or cup-lump) and specific technical parameters such as dirt content, ash content, volatile matter, color and viscosity or portion of chemical contents such as carbon black, stearic acid, etc.
The main exporting countries, namely Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, each produce their national standard TSR rubbers: SMR (Standard Malaysian Rubber), STR (Standard Thailand Rubber), SVR (Standard Vietnamese Rubber) and SIR  (Standard Indonesian Rubber).
The TSR 10, 20, 10CV and 20CV grades, derived from cup-lump, are dark and durable rubbers, as well as the most economical TSR grades. The TSR CV50 and CV60 rubbers, produced with field latex and classified according to the Mooney viscosity scale (CV=Constant Viscosity), are light and soft rubbers, less economical due to the higher processing costs. The TSR L grade has the lightest color, classified according to the Lovibond scale.


1. Mainly used in value added compounding rubber factories.
2. Used in rubber products manufacturing factories.
3. Used in the production of tires.

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