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Natural Rubber (NR)

Natural Rubber (NR)  in Rubbertradeasia

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SVR 10 - Vietnamese
SVR 20 - Vietnamese

Natural rubber (NR) is obtained from Hevea brasiliensis. It has a very high tensile strength, elasticity, cold flexibility and excellent dynamic characteristics. These properties can hardly be reached by synthetic rubber, thus it makes NR still essential for some applications.

1. Tapping 
Natural rubber latex is collected from H. brasiliensis bark into cup lumps. The latex on the cup lumps are then formed into a slab.
2. Wet Process
The slabs from the plantation are cut and crushed into small pieces. After that, the small pieces are cleaned by washing in a tank to remove contaminants. The rubber is then formed into a blanket and dried by hanging it to increase the dry rubber content percentage. 
3. Dry Process
After being naturally dried, the blanket is cut into small pieces and dried further using a drying machine to remove the remaining water. Then,the rubber is pressed using a press machine to form a bale. Rubber bale is inspected and ready to be shipped. 

1. General engineering: 
Natural rubber is used for anti-vibration mounts, drive couplings, springs, bearings, rubber bands, and adhesives.
2. Tires:
Majority of natural rubber is used for high performance tires such as tires for race cars, buses, and aircraft. The strength and heat resistance makes it good for high performance tires. 
3. Construction:
Due to its adhesive properties, natural rubber is used in rubber cement and the soil stabilization materials used around new roads.
4. Consumer goods:
Natural rubber is used as raw material for shoe soles, rubber boots, gloves, and sponges.

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